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Working from a Cabin in these Windy conditions 💨

It’s been a hell of a windy day here in Bedfordshire , gusts up to 43knots ( I speak airline lingo not mph, lol).

Working from a log cabin in the back of my garden you have to put up with all types of weather conditions. In the Summer its too hot, in the Winter it’s too cold, when it rains all you hear is it pounding on the roof and on days like today I sit in my cabin scared that the roof is going to blow off or that we are literally going to lift off like Dorothy.

Back when we had Storm Doris the roof literally did almost blow away (I’ll attach some pictures).

Today luckily (or not?) I only had the one appointment in my salon, I was only in there for over an hour this afternoon for a Lash Lift & Tint. The walls were literally shaking and the door was bashing about . When those gusts of wind pick up I think is it going to be this time that’s going to tear the wall down. A few times me and my client gasped with the words “oh my god” . I try not to worry my clients and tell them that the salon has survived a lot worse and that it just sounds a lot worse in there as after all we are stood in a wooden building.

Deep down it worries me that the older the building gets the less it will be able to withstand these extreme weather conditions. I know when the salons been through a bad night when I go in there the next morning and find tools and products all over the floor and table from where the walls have been shaking in the night.

I’d be interested to know if others that work from log cabins if you experience the same as me?

Anyway I Can’t wait for Spring !! (but that does fetch the frogs out 😩)

Until next time!! Xx

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