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Enamel Pins are Here !!!! now available …

Hey All!!

I just wanted to come on here and update you as my Nail Polish Enamel Pins finally arrived yesterday . I love them .

They turned out so much better than expected.

They are so shiny and beautiful. I can’t believe that I actually designed my own pins and I now physically have them .

I love Pink so I produced them in a pink bottle with a Rose Gold outline. They are 1.3 inches tall.

Straight away I’ve naturally taken one for myself and put it straight into my work lanyard, I might even take another one to wear on my work apron or top for when I’m actually doing nails in my salon . , lol

When you order one they will come on a backing card , packaged inside a Pink organza bag . They also have one of those pink rubber backs so there’s no way your losing this pin !!

If you want to order one , I’ve priced them at a reasonable price of just £7.00 plus postage .

I created an Etsy store where you can head over to purchase one if you want to get your hands on one :

So if you want one here’s the link again to Etsy, I hope you love them as much as I do.

Until Next time Xx

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