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Where do I park?

- You will normally see my blue car parked on the drive. You can park across the drive.


Where do I go when I arrive?

- Please do not arrive early unless it has been discussed in case I am still with another client. Come to my front door and from there I will escort you up to the salon.


Are there toilet facilities available?

- There are no toilets in the salon but if you need to go then I will take you into my house.


Do I pay with cash or card?

- I accept many forms of payment from cash, card or bank transfer.


Do you do Nail Art?

- There are nail art packages available. See below.


Nail Art Tiers

With a Gel polish application the following is included at no extra cost - Glitters, Foils, French 

Bronze Tier - £3.00

up to 4 nails of simple nail art such as flakes, chrome, stickers, gold leaf, chunky glitters.

Silver Tier - £6.00

up to 10 nails of simple art (bronze), or up to 4 nails of mid level art such as stripes, abstract, swirls, animal print, marble and ombre

Gold Tier - £10.00

up to 10 nails of mid level art (silver), or up to 2 nails of detailed art such as handpainted, intricate designs

Platinum Tier - £15.00

bespoke nail art or mid level art (gold) on 3 + nails



Are there special offers?

I give a client loyalty stamp after every treatment over £15. Collect 8 stamps for £5 off.

There is also a Refer a Friend Scheme. If you refer family or friends to BeauT, then once they come for their treatment, they will recieve £5 off their treatment and so will you.

To stay up to date with any other Seasonal Special Offers, be sure to follow me on my Social Media accounts and sign up to my Newsletter.


Facebook Page -


Instagram -


Sign up here to my maillist -


What other treatments do you offer?

- I offer a variety of treatments, you can  browse my website 

You can always message me to discuss any questions you may have.


How do I book online?

- My online booking will show you available appointment slots, simply choose your treatment and date. Heres the booking link. -


Are refreshments available?

-  A Hot drink or bottle of water is available should you want it during your treatment.


Are children allowed?

- Children are welcome to come along with you as long as they are supervised at all times. As long as they have something to entertain themselves whilst they wait for you.


Can I bring a Friend?

- I normally work on a 1 to 1 basis, but if you would feel more comfortable and at ease by bringing a friend along with you then that is fine. Just let me know and I can make sure I have an extra chair in the salon for them to sit on.

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