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As of 25th May 2018, a new EU regulation called the ‘General Data Protection Regulation’ or GDPR comes into effect.

You as the consumer have a right to and control regarding your data and what I as a business can do with your data.

I must ensure that you are fully aware of what data I collect, how I use your data and why I collect it and who I share it with.


- What personal data do I collect?

I hold your contact details which include your name, date of birth, address, contact numbers,  and any medical conditions which include allergies, surgeries, illnesses and medications that you are on.


- Why do I collect your information and how do I store?

I collect your contact information to be able to contact you regarding appointments. The only reasons I will contact you will be to send a reminder to confirm your appointment date and time and to contact you to either reschedule or cancel an appointment.

I collect your medical information so that I am aware of any allergies or conditions you have that may mean I am unable to carry out your treatment. It also allows me to identify any areas that may affect the longevity of your nail or beauty service and to advise you accordingly.

I hold your medical information so that if you should become ill whilst in my care, I can take the appropriate action and, if necessary, pass this on to the emergency services.

Your data is stored on your client consultation form which is stored electronically. No-one other than myself has access to these records. This is password protected so your data is safe and secure.


- Who will I share your information with?

Your data is not shared with anybody. It is not passed to any third parties for any purposes at all. In the event that you become ill and emergency services are required, I may need to share your medical information with paramedics or doctors if you are unable to do so.


- What will I NOT use the data for?

Your data will not be passed on to any third-party businesses or any other persons. I will not contact you for any marketing purposes or send you any mail merge/promotional materials without prior consent.


- How long will I hold your data?

As per my insurance requirements, your data will be kept on file for 7 years from your first treatment.


**A New Client Consultation Form has been created to comply with GPDR and all New and Existing Clients will be required to complete this form on their next visit to the salon **

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