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Fresh Set Natural Gel / Acrylic Enhancements -  £32.00


Fresh Set Acrylics with Gel Polish / Baby Boomer style Acrylics - £37.00


Infills of Gel / Acrylic (after 2 weeks) - £22.00 (£12.00 if with gel polish)


Rebalance of Gel / Acrylic (after 3 weeks) - £27.00  (£12.00 if with gel polish)


Removal of Extensions and Reapplication - £12.00 added to price of application


Nail Repairs – £4.00 per nail / Gel Polish Nail Repairs - £3.00  per nail. 


• Pls note – any nail repairs within 3 days will be Free of Charge, any damages after this will incur a charge**



If another treatment is carried out after removal then the removal is only Half Price.I will only remove extensions which have been applied by myself.

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