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Ali Express and Cute

I’m addicted to buying anything related to Nails. My clients can probably vouch for this by the amount of Gel polish colours and Nail art supplies that I have in my little home salon.

I first came across the App called “Cute”. This is an App powered by Wish, but it’s basically just all Beauty and Nail related. Items start as low as Free (although I find that postage does cost more on these items). The best are £1 items plus £1 shipping. It’s unbelievable that they can sell and post items at these prices and they are making profit from them. They are coming from Asia so make sure you are in no rush for them. Average postage time you can expect about 3 weeks but I have waited 6 weeks and in a couple of occasions even longer.

Despite this I find it so addictive. When I’m bored browsing Social Media, I find myself browsing Cute and Ali Express instead and before you know it I’ve spent £30 and more.

I buy items like Nail Gems, nail foils, arty bits basically and have recently started buying my beauty essentials from there as well such as nail wipes , cotton buds etc.

I’d heard of Ali Express but for some reason always thought this was a wholesale site. Once I started browsing this site and realised it wasn’t , this became my next addiction. I find that on this site there’s so much more option and you can actually search for what you want.

Ive recently started filming “You Tube” Nail & Beauty Haul Videos as I love watching them. Ive linked my ones below if you want to watch them to see what I got:

Just a quick word of warning before I go, things can be hit or miss when buying from these sites. Watching Haul videos you soon learn what to avoid, and when you see branded Gel Polish brands on there for a £1, they are clearly not the real thing. They are fakes and god knows what’s in those products so just be careful but for the fun things spend away, you will love it.

Until Next Time. Xx

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