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I never used to be one to enter competitions as I bet like most people the thought is “I will never win”. But maybe what they say that the power of positive thinking must actually work. Over the last few months I’ve entered competitions and I’ve actually won. I feel like I’m on a winning streak.  Whilst writing this I thought I hope this doesnt come across as boasting but just thought this would be a great way of documenting my wins.

Back in August I entered a competition with Scratch Magazine , wasn’t even notified that I won until I received this package courtesy of Salon Systems consisting of some lashes, marvel brow power palette, wax and some nail lux.

Another competition I won with Scratch magazine was in July where I won the complete collection of Faby Joy polishes. A few months previous I did win some Mavala Nail Products but thought that was just a one off so didn’t even take a picture of that. Goes to say though that entering competitions with Scratch magazine is well worth it .

I entered a Facebook group competition with a set of nails I did on my sister and I won that as well, I couldn’t believe it, got myself a couple of packs of new nail glitters as a result. 

Most recently I entered a competition on Facebook with We Heart Nails, it was a competition to name their 3 new glitters and the winner would receive the glitters, well guess what I couldn’t believe it but I won that as well, I wasn’t even going to enter as didn’t think I was creative enough to come up with a good names but I did, “Angels Halo” “Oceans Paradise” and “Rich Ruby”.

Just waiting for the next win now, lol 😜

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