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Luxury Custom made Press on Nails

Fully qualified nail technician offering ‘press on’ nails made to your chosen length/style/shape/design . All nails are hand painted using only the best quality products.



How will you know my size?

You can order a custom set where you will be required to measure your nails. For more info please visit my website : 


Alternatively you can order a set of 20 tips.


How long do the nails last?

If you follow the instructions you can get 1-2 weeks at a time out of the nails and if looked after they can be reused!


What shapes and lengths can I have?

You can have any set in Coffin, Oval or Square!  I have different lengths but can also custom make a length to your requirement. Please state the length you require.


Alternatively why not order one of my ‘sample sizing’ Packs, listed in my store. The sample packs have one of each size nail so you can find your perfect fit before ordering.


•    Haven’t got enough time to order a ‘Sample sizing’ pack?? Then purchase a set of 20 nails which includes all sizes including extra’s. This set includes a wider selection of sizes to ensure the perfect fit.


Included with the set is a nail file, cuticle stick, nail cleansing wipes and stick on nail tabs. This set does NOT include a glue, if you require Glue, you can purchase this from my store also.


Nail Set Sizes:


Extra Small - 3-6-5-7-9

Small -2-5-4-6-9




Below are general nail tip sizes for the Nail Tips, although these can vary depending on the nail style and Length you choose, so its always advisable to measure your nails in MM and you can send me your measurements. ** Remember always measure your nails at the widest part!! **


0 = 18mm

1 = 17mm

2 = 15mm

3 = 14mm

4 = 13mm

5 = 12mm

6 = 11mm

7 = 10mm

8 = 09mm

9 = 08mm



  • Returns / Cancellations

    Once Ordered and Nails have been made the order cannot be cancelled.

    Due to health and safety Nails cannot be returned.

No of Nails in Set
Nail Sizes
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